Food Service Apparel

Proudly serving all Military
Food Service Divisions

•  FSA T-Shirts        •  Vests           •  Aprons
•  Chef’s Coats        •  Scarves      •  Pants
•  Caps of all styles (Chef Caps, Ball Caps, Berets)
•  Polo Shirts (long- or short-sleeve polos)

All can be silkscreened or embroidered with your
ship’s crest or company logo

The most innovative chef apparel in the industry

Checkout the apron edition

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Focusing on style, from our breakthrough chef pant designs, to our vibrant chef coats with tonal mesh backs, to our new cloth-covered pearl buttons, we give you the opportunity to express your individual personality. Our attention to detail is flawless, and when it comes to
fit, everyone else needs to get real. Our professional fit system ensures that no matter what your size or shape, if you wear a large Uncommon Threads garment, a large will fit you perfectly every time.

Thoughtfully designed, expertly constructed chef apparel for the serious chef. Download our Chef Catalog

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